Being a high performance advisor means accepting a role of conductor in a sporting environment. Becoming a guide not only for the athlete themselves, but also for the team gravitating around him, such as coaches, parents, massage therapists, etc. Séverine accepts this supporting role with passion. She has learned over the years to develop a personalized approach for each of her customers, tailored to their specific needs. Her great expertise is put to use according to the needs of each member of the team surrounding the athlete.

As a high performance consultant, Séverine shares her expertise in a rigorous and passionate way. She knows how to adapt the variety of her services skillfully according to her clients, in order to provide them with a rewarding and effective experience.

Conferences and personalized services

Conferences last 60 to 90 minutes and are adapted to your needs and objectives. Interactive workshops are also available, as well as individual meetings in person or by Skype.

Conference topics:

  • Triangle of success
  • Performance at what price
  • Break the mold
  • The definition of success