Being a high performance consultant means accepting a role of conductor in a sporting environment. Becoming a guide not only for the athlete themselves, but also for the team gravitating around them, such as coaches, parents, massage therapists, etc. Séverine accepts this supporting role with passion. She has learned over the years to develop a personalized approach for each of her customers, tailored to their specific needs. Her great expertise is put to use according to the needs of each member of the team surrounding the athlete.

As a high performance consultant, Séverine shares her expertise in a rigorous and passionate way. She knows how to adapt the variety of her services skillfully according to her clients, in order to provide them with a rewarding and effective experience.

For everyone

Sport community

Effectively lead coaches, federations, parents and athletes from all sports to maximize their potential

Business community

For companies or groups of employees that want to COACH themselves towards better PERFORMANCE

The method

I always approach coaching the same way in sport, life and business. I call it the 3 P system: Purpose – Process – Plan. The purpose is our WHY, why we do what we do, the Process is the HOW we achieve our goals, and the Plan is WHAT we are trying to do.


We all have individual goals, needs and challenges. Here, I want to give you a platform to discuss and work on short- and long-term goals. 

1. Lead with your heart  

Coaching from the heart. Not being afraid to coach with emotions, values, creativity. Being attentive, curious, present, and identifying with the person in front of you.  Using creativity to create a sense of freedom. Be authentic 

2. Find your Purpose

Find your WHY. Helps you navigate within your story and your true self. Will help you with clarity of where you are and where you want to go

3. Develop your coach-Leader philosophy 

In developing your philosophy, we will identify your core values which will be used as the foundation for how you approach your role within business or sport

4. Develop your plan

Helps you find where you are going, have a vison and develop, set, assess, identify short- and long-term goals. Learn on how to priorities and set clear measure to achieve your objective.

5. Women and girl’s mentorship

Create a safe space where females and young girls can gain the courage to step out of their comfort zone and believe they can achieve their full potential.

Create opportunities, tools, skills to be better leaders within their field as athletes/coaches/leaders in a safe environment for growth

Interaction in person or virtually with your staff, parents, players or coaches. Topics may include:

  1. Triangle of success: How can Parents-Coaches-Athlete work together in the pathway of sports development
  2. Performance at which cost? What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?
  3. Breaking the mold: How to be a successful female leader
  4. Lead with your heart
  • Sport Analyst
  • Radio and Television general content