Press review

Portrait: Sévérine Tamborero - Camps d'été 2018 (French only)

Few coaches, all sports combined, can boast of a curriculum vitae as well as Séverine Tamborero. When one lingers there, one discovers there a road map of the most impressive.

La performance... à quel prix?: le gros bon sens (French only)

Accompanying a child in sport at any level is a sport in itself. How far to go? How to talk to him? How many hours does he have to devote to his sport? Is his coach competent? How to manage the family schedule inevitably upset? Does his brother or sister suffer the consequences?

Journée du sport féminin – «Les filles ne sont pas moins compétitives» (French only)

Obstacles, fights, exploits, victories … As part of Women’s Sports Day, TC Media met a dozen inspiring women who make the sport shine throughout Quebec

Casser le moule (French only)

Why are so few women training at high levels? Why, as a teenager, are many girls abandoning the sport? What media treatment is reserved for female athletes? For Séverine Tamborero, there is no doubt: the prejudices against women in sport are still present.